About Solar Data Lists


About SolarDataLists.com

Solar Data Lists.com was created to help the solar energy industry market to both businesses and consumers in order to maximize sales.  Our philosophy includes a desire to see solar energy propagate throughout the United States as both a business and philosophical endeavor that can increase the quality of life and promote green technology.

Our data is some of the best in the industry and is updated at a higher frequency than most data suppliers.  The results are the best, most accurate data that can be the catalyst for a successful marketing campaign.

In addition to the data, our group can help with email marketing, telemarketing, online marketing and direct marketing and help to advise on strategy, design and content that can help to maximize any campaign.

Our typical blueprint is known to out-perform other types of marketing by using up to three mediums (mail, email and telephone).  When combined with a strategic message and call to action, our system has proven the ability to maximize the success rate of any campaign, often at costs that are less than market value.

If you are looking to create a successful marketing campaign for businesses or consumers for the solar industry, contact us today and see why our approach is first-class and gets the best results.



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